Camel Trophy-Land Rover Reunion

This blog is dedicated to the awesome adventure we had at the 20 year reunion of the Camel Trophy Kalimantan! In 2019 Camel Trophy Reunion will take place in Italy! Stay tuned…

Check out the origins on Youtube: Camel Trophy 1996 – Kalimantan or below.

It was an honor to be invited to join these outstanding and very talented adults on a week journey across the mountains of Greece. We began our trip March 26, 2016.

Family Team in Greece: Belgium: Deirdre Morael and Wim De Vocht, Canary Islands: Belen de la Fuente, Czech Republic: Jakub Havel, Denmark/Norway: Henrik Radich and family, Finland/Sweden: Pontus Hellgren, France: Denis Rozand and Yves and Betrice Tuelle, Camel Trophy & Land Rover Award-Greece: Nikos  Sotirchos and Miltos Farmakis, Italy: Gianpaolo and Laura Giusti, Morocco: Samir Berrada, Russia: Dmitriy Surin and Aleksei Svirkov, South Africa: Samuel De Beer, Turkey: Selim Kemahli and United Kingdom: William Tapley and Kristina Applegate